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Cover Fire: Offline Shooting MOD APK v1.23.28 (Unlimited Money/Vip5)

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting
NameCover Fire: Offline Shooting
DevelopersViva Games Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Vip5
Updated on March 29, 2023
Cover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline ShootingCover Fire: Offline Shooting

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting - Offline Shooter and Sniper Game on mobile. Warning it's addictive

What's new in latest version 1.23.28

+ bug fixes

About Cover Fire: Offline Shooting MOD

Cover Fire is an FPS blockbuster from Viva Games Studios. Lead your heroic brigade into battle against Tetracorp military corporation in this best shooter. Develop a frontline strategy on the battlefield and kill enemies from all sides.

Cover Fire is about the story of Tetracorp forces. They occupy several areas on the planet. They suppress villages and take over properties, and control all communication activities of the people. Therefore a new resistance war broke out intending to eradicate and wipe out this threat.

Game modes

In the game, you will be a leader of a soldier squad through the destroyed cities, deserts, and fields occupied by Tetracorp. Your soldiers defeat all enemies in the game with weapons that unprecedented massive and best gameplay.

Experience a unique war. Designing game controls visually, creating a sense of shooting first. Covering the entire battlefield, targeting, shooting, and eliminating hazards. Do not let terrorists hold the world.

As commander of the rebel army, you will face an army of enemy soldiers. They include elite soldiers, extremely dangerous units, mechs equipped with impenetrable shields, and powerful tanks. Take control of the battlefield, resolving conflicts like a real war machine. Become the legend of the world war in the most attractive multiplayer FPS game ever.


  • Experience the new 3D FPS shooting game. Join the resistance and command like a professional sniper.
  • Modern control features bring you an exciting and addictive fight.
  • HD graphics with the battlefield of destruction. Shoot on board, shoot missions on helicopters, control drones, etc.
  • Online tournament mode, shooting with non-stop action with other assassin players. Don’t stop shooting in offline missions with this multi-player sniper and fps sniper game.
  • Provide yourself with a huge arsenal, such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers, etc., feel like a real frontline sapper!
  • Facing the battlefield from different perspectives. Change your mercenaries in real-time, find the final combination to win the final battle.
  • Set up your assassin team with their unique skills: hacker, sniper, assassin, … Unlock new guns and snipers and extreme products like bazooka or gunner! Have you ever seen a slight dinosaur on the battlefield?

The installation requirements of the Cover Fire mod

Since its launch, Cover Fire mod has been offered free to all players. The game’s original APK file is shared a lot on the web. Moreover, many people also love the modified version of this game. Cover Fire mod is designed to give players a lot of coins and keys, so you can enjoy shopping for items, costumes, and much more in the game. Of course, the Cover Fire mod will not support your play process, you will still have to compete and show off your ability to get good results.

To install Cover Fire mod on mobile devices is also quite simple. Please follow these steps below:

1, Download the game from the links at the bottom of the article.

2, Open the download directory and click to install. (Note: You need to accept the installation term from an unknown source). You can believe in our link because the file is completely free of malware.

3, Wait until the installation process is completed and enjoy the game.

Features of Cover Fire MOD APK

Besides the Fire Cover provided by the publisher Viva Games Studios, we will bring you a modified version of this game. Cover Fire mod will change a little bit. So players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. You will receive very unlimited money and can use them freely to unlock many items, helping you overcome all obstacles. Cover Fire mod will help you greatly reduce costs and will bring a new experience.


Cover Fire brings players unique war experiences. Design of game control mechanisms intuitively to give players the most satisfying shooting feeling. Besides, the tasks that the player is entrusted in the game are also built quite rich. Such as comfortable discharging bullets into the crowd with automatic rifles, and eliminating important characters from afar with sniper rifles. Or simply create an explosion to disturb the enemy base to infiltrate information theft more easily. Visit our Wbc2020 regularly to discover more cool games and Download games and apps for android now!  Thanks, have a nice day.! Have a fun game

Reviews from google users

Gerald Otto: Groundbreaking game!! Awesome graphics and game play, not alot of ads, you can watch them to level up if you want. Very smooth play with fun and challenging levels. It doesn't cost money to level up quick. So far I have zero complaints keep up the great work. I am a bit skeptical because it seems too good, what's the katch??

Savvy Vet: Very well done and polished, especially for the platform. Buys are what I would call average cost. Patience rewards for gain as well. No, you can't move around except to change cover, at least so far, but a pleasing experience nonetheless. I am a bit older and find it doesn't scream for a higher heart rate to enjoy and I can walk away when I so choose. Levels are not huge blocks of time to finish and challenging at times, if you are trying for perfection. You can replay them. Well done guys!

dogeatdog12345: The game is really good for what it is. Very minimal ads and you can get items through events if you are a non p2p player. The only downside to the game is I really wish they added to the story line. It just ends too fast. Other than that the game is easy to play, very enjoyable, and a great time killer. You can also play offline which is really good.

Jarel Paige: Great game if you're into predatory, cash grab games. The graphics are awesome & realistic. You can't move your character, only shoot from a stationary vantage point until you've cleared an area. Personally, I just don't do games that nickel-and-dime you. I'm not interested in giving the content creators hundreds of dollars over a drawn out period of time. Especially when I can buy storied games for a console or PC for much cheaper ?

ryan davis: This is a really good game, the only problem i have is when you run out of cash, you cant by upgrades to play a harder level, leaving you with a days wait of no playing, plus the ads will kick you off the game and force you to reopen it, if these issues bother you, i dont suggest downloading, although it does work offline, so you can simply turn off wifi to avoid ads, no point in wasting the 99 cents on it... If it wasnt for the waiting issue though, this would be a five star game.

MR. Allen: Out of many shooter games on Google Play this game by far is very fun. The game is like a Playstation game with it's graphics and speed of play. It does have ads but very short compared to the others. Sometimes there are bugs in the game such as ads popping up when you least expect them. Get now, buy more cards, special cards, buy gold, flash on the main page if you want to level up. Plenty of opportunities to get better weapons flashing at you. For a free game, hell yes, play it!

Jabrownie: Downgrading from 5 stars to 3 stars. I love this game but several times there have been instances where I try to move my character and it doesn't allow me to move only shoot in one direction. This has been very tedious especially in the Mecha mission where you have to complete it in 110 seconds... Or the truck mission where you have to kill 27 enemies. Especially during boss fights then you only have 1 extra try to redo a mission... Which I fail because of this glitch. PLEASE FIX SOON!

Craig Ross: Cover Fire is an enjoyable game to play. I like the fact that you don't have to be online to go throughout the game. It doesn't get too frustrating to play as some sniper games can be. Some spots can be difficult, but overall a fun game to play. Download it today and enjoy yourself. I've noticed a glitch in episode 11, 11-10 to be exact. The firing control tends to freeze up to become non-responsive. It doesn't cause me to lose the round but my life gets knocked down considerably, only get 2 *

Tim Chappell: It's pretty straight forward, just point and shoot . Just enough guns and characters to make it fun and you don't get distracted playing dress up. There's worse things you could be doing with your time. 5 stars overall for it's quick and easy start , gameplay, and mechanics. Doesn't bust your balls with ads and doesn't overdue it when they push the inn game purchases. I love it. I'm stuck on the darkest day . I hate that mutant and whoever made it. Great fun.

Scott Yandell: Strongly recommend. Came here from Hitman when that ceased to work. Cover fire is great game with more variety than the aforementioned Hitman. Success in the game is not necessarily dependent on purchases, which is helpful. The grinding comes from replaying to get the needed cards to upgrade. Character cards are few and far between and most need 15 or 20 to unlock, so these are quite a slog but limited time events can unlock characters early.

Download Cover Fire: Offline Shooting MOD APK for Android

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