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Color Match MOD APK v3.9.5 (No ADS)

Color Match
NameColor Match
DevelopersSupersonic Studios LTD
MOD FeaturesNo ADS
Updated on March 25, 2023
Color MatchColor MatchColor MatchColor MatchColor MatchColor MatchColor Match

Color Match - Match the color by mixing them!

What's new in latest version 3.9.5

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

About Color Match MOD

Color Match is an exciting color puzzle game that requires intelligence and agility to make precise moves. You will mix palette colors and paint 3D objects to find their proper color.

Color Match is a casual game provided by Supersonic Studios LTD. This is a fun color mixing game with gameplay that requires high thinking and precision. You will find the color of the objects given by the game by mixing the colors. You can also sell your painted objects at auctions for money or display them in your room. The game is created with colorful graphics and an attractive user interface, giving you great entertainment moments.


First, Color Match has significantly improved performance so that you can use it more smoothly and perfectly. The sound when painting has also changed, making you more immersed in the game screen. Currently, the game has an auction room in the middle of the mansion for you to participate and compete with other players.

You can go there and check your offline earnings and improve your playroom so you can increase your income. The orders have also been changed for you to have the best playing experience. Besides, some small bugs have also been fixed and modified so that players can explore interesting levels.


Color Match is a game with attractive gameplay with matching color construction requirements. This is the ideal game for those who want to kill time quickly without getting bored. You will have to mix paints with various shades and apply red to hidden objects. When matching colored blocks, you need to place these blocks strategically to increase your bonus score. You will get one point for each block that falls on the square in the middle or for clearing clusters of the selected color.

Also, Color Match has several power-ups that you can use to reduce the time it takes to complete levels, including color bombs removing all colored blocks and rockets. With this power, you will be able to secure the victory in your hand and make a lot of money, and you will then use that money to unlock better features for more enhanced experiences.


Color Match has 15 levels with entirely different puzzles. You will discover many challenging obstacles and must overcome them to win. The difficulty of the challenges gets harder as you level up. Especially at levels 13-15, the game will allow you to activate the access mode, and you can break all the rules of the game by changing the number of balls on a row with a maximum number of 5.


The game has a highly user-friendly and cute interface that makes it easy to navigate. You will quickly get acquainted and access all the game’s features for a better experience. In addition, the game also allows you to customize the game to your taste with several options available, including changing the control scheme and activating the access mode.


This game will satisfy you with simple controls minimalistic visual design but very realistic and vivid thanks to colorful graphics. The game levels are designed with cheerful colors that make players addicted from the first moment. This game will teach you how to choose and coordinate colors correctly and entertain a great time.


  • Diverse and painted object themes with over 200 objects for you to play with: fruit, food, garage, cubes, greenhouse, electronics, sports, furniture, animals, vegetables, beauty products,…
  • The gameplay is simple, and you can easily mix colors; you will find the color of the objects and the color scheme to paint them. At the same time, you can learn the names of different colors and learn how to mix colors correctly and quickly.
  • Free options for you to use for your audience: auction off objects you’ve painted or display them, earn you extra income, and use that money to unlock new features.
  • Share your audience on social networks with your friends or post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,… for your friends to see and get likes and dislikes from everyone.
  • Beautiful and colorful graphics along with comfortable and straightforward controls make you satisfied at all levels. Please choose the correct colors and mix them to create your desired color.

Reviews from google users

Tiphani Abbott: There are so many ads that you can't even complete a task. I also got interrupted to the point that I couldn't even figure out all of the things other than the painting and auction. I spent far more time on ads than game play. Cute idea and I love playing color matching/sorting games, but these ads are just at a level of obnoxious.

Allie L: Ads, Ads, Ads!! I mean this is a very fun little game! But, it's more Ads than actually playing. An ad when you finish a level, then an ad when you decide to sell the piece, Ads for every 1 minute of play time. It's just too much! Didn't see an option to go ad free either. Bummer. Uninstalled.

Michelle Laramie: The game play is awkward because it's difficult to control the brush, and the ads are HORRIBLE. You have the option to watch an ad for a reward, but if you decline, you still have to watch an ad. And they are LONG, opening up several windows before you can close the ad. The last window has a 10 second timer on it, meaning you're forced to sit and wait for almost 30 seconds between each 1-2 minute level. Absolutely not worth it. 2 stars because it could be a fun game without the problems.

Tiffany Theweirdo2doorsdown: I have never seen more ads. Seriously play a level, Ad. Hesitate too long, ad. Breathe, ad. The game is fine. I halfway liked it but the ads ruined it. I'm uninstalling after I finish this review. Don't bother even downloading it. It is an ad that happens to have a game attached. Literally cannot play unless u pay.

Breaze Miller: I actually really loved the game but I've literally never played agame with more ads. It's not even just in between levels. There are ads when you first log in and if you leave the game idle for more than 10 seconds. And there are multiple exit screens that you need to go through to get off the ads. I love the concept and difficulty level but dont have the patience for so many ads. Just cut it back to after levels and it would be ok

Tiffany Thompson: Poor execution, blue and yellow don't make green! Later in the game you can't mix a color without having several ads play. The ads make the game crash. Good idea, but maybe if you want people to play this game you shouldn't have as many ads! Also in game looks NOTHING like the pictures they show!

Heather Feather: As a designer, I can say that the game concept is pretty good. There are actual jobs that require an ability to match colors with precision like this, and I like the practice. However, I'm giving this a 3, and I uninstalled the game because after only 10 minutes of play, the ads were already irritating. They hit like random encounters in an RPG, on top of being triggered between each puzzle, on top of being promoted to boost rewards after a puzzle's completion. Sorry. It's just too many ads.

GingerElla W: The concept it's great. The play is fun. But there are TOO MANY ADS! I played three levels and uninstalled because of the ads. The interrupt the level, they come after each level, they interrupt you in the shop. AND there are banner ads on the play screen an the home screen. I get the need for ads, but this is far too many. And asking me to spend real money to get away from excessive ads (that you put there!) in a simple game is just wrong.

C R: I really like this game. It's different, it's fun, it's a nice way to unwind. But there are far too many ads. Just launching the game prompts an unskippable ad. On top of all the other ads, there's this little hint bubble that floats around in front of the colors you're picking from that if you accidentally click launches another unskippable ad. It's almost like it's deliberately trying to make you click it. It's horrible. The game also freezes and crashes fairly frequently.

Kit: It's a shame. This game is super fun and relaxing to play. But the number of ads make it absolutely unplayable. There's an ad before a round, during the round, when you check the color, when you pass a round, when you ok to move to next round. Then another ad before the next round starts. Also ads whenever you stop playing for more than a few secs, even if your screen is active and unlocked. I don't mind ads, but this was just unplayable.

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