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Color Hop 3D - Music Game MOD APK v3.3.3 (Unlimited Diamonds, Speed)

Color Hop 3D - Music Game
NameColor Hop 3D - Music Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds, Speed
Updated on March 24, 2023
Color Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music GameColor Hop 3D - Music Game

Color Hop 3D - Music Game - Upload your favorite songs and trigger the rhythm on music tiles road

What's new in latest version 3.3.3

- update ACM SDK 3.2.5

About Color Hop 3D - Music Game MOD

Color Hop 3D MOD APK opens a beautiful EDM music space right on your phone. Control the ball to touch the colored tiles to play the song’s tune!

If you are a lover of EDM music, you will like Color Hop 3D because all the best EDM music is gathered. In particular, now the player will be the one who plays this song by himself, not someone who listens to the DJs playing the music. Control your ball to run into the music squares and reach the end of the track to complete this challenge! A new experience full of fun and entertainment after hours of hard work and study!


To complete a song in Color Hop 3D, the player needs to control the ball to touch the music boxes according to the color. For example, if your ball is blue, maintain it to handle the blue squares in turn. To get started, swipe the screen upwards to make the ball jump and start a one-touch operation left or right to control the ball to your liking. It should be noted that let the ball touch all the squares of the same color. If you miss a tile, you lose and start over this song.

Listen to the beat of the song to make taps on time. Depending on your accuracy, you will get many compliments like good, perfect,…depending on your accuracy. Getting as many “perfects” will increase the score and stars you get at the song’s end. Control the ball to run as far behind the song as possible. Please take it to the finish line and get the score that belongs to you. Every day, the player has five plays. After each “miss,” you lose one turn and replay the song with a new turn.


Color Hop 3D daily updates all EDM songs to the game’s song collection. It will automatically update once your phone is connected to wifi. The game’s music collection has hundreds of songs with attractive themes such as Christmas, love, new year, etc. Each song is a beautiful melody, helping players relax with their favorite music. Enjoy a new music space with many fast-paced and stunning harmonies.

The songs are sorted by difficulty. To play your favorite songs, you must overcome the problem of the current theme. There are hundreds of levels corresponding to hundreds of songs in the game. Use the number of stars received after each song to unlock new songs. The higher the level, the more complex the difficulty will increase along with the breakneck speed of the music. A game that is both interesting and stimulating to the desire to win!


The player can fully enjoy this EDM music space anytime, anywhere because Color Hop 3D is a music game that doesn’t need an internet connection to play. It only updates new songs when your phone has a wifi connection. The game is also utterly free without installation fees or music purchases. The game also does not need to link accounts or any personal information. Therefore, you need to enjoy this music space without thinking about any problems.

Graphics are bold electronic music with color boxes like the keys of EDM. The music is refined and gathers many popular songs, and that is the key point to build for players to love this game more and more.


  • Swipe the screen up for the ball to bounce and start a simple one-touch operation of moving the ball left or right
  • Control your ball to touch the music squares of the same color to make the music notes sound
  • Gather hundreds of the best EDM songs and update them every day when connected to wifi. Get stars after completing songs and use them to unlock new songs
  • Many levels correspond to the tracks. The more you go up to the new levels, the higher the difficulty will increase, creating new challenges
  • Experience the music space anywhere without an internet connection and completely free for all players

Reviews from google users

Ethan: one of the most low effort cash grabs i have ever played. this app is the same as every other mobile rhythm game that is only there to make money. the same songs. (which arent even the real songs, most are covers) ads inbetween every game. everything behind a paywall or ad you have to watch. the only thing that makes this gsme different is how horribly it was put together. its incredibly buggy. the game never syncs with the music. it looks like it took 5 minutes to make. dont waste your time

James Zinz: Well my boyfriend plays this game and I thought I could play it and it is a great game. I just wish that it could be more challenging enough. Not hard levels like easy levels to beat the game. So there yall have it. I am also a master at Nintendo and I play Nintendo all the time and I never stop playing Animal crossing new horizons. I love it. That's for me. Have a good Weekend and have great years. Be safe.

Rockstar Fetch: Edit(4/20/21): Ok so you guys removed the sound effects, but still when I try to play a song from my MP3 thing it won't play anymore and the glitch is still there, it takes my diamons or whatever it's called, away when I exit out of the MP3 thing. And there's still SO many ads! This game USED to be good, but ever since that update it's trash! Though the ads don't really bother me that much since it's just pop ups, it's still a trash game. And the remix for when you play the first song is cringe!

Isaiah O'Donald: This would be a decent game. But I can't stand a game that is so overrun with ads. They're all 30+ second ads too. Want to play a song? Watch an ad first. Just finish a song? Great now watch this ad. Having trouble beating a song? No worries, we will play you an ad every time you fail just to give you a little break. Ridiculous.

Craig Stern: When you put the ball on a tile it makes a super loud noise, and you just can't even hear the music. Amanotes games, they all just have SOMETHING that ruins the whole game. Again, nice try for a good app. And if that reason to ruin the game isn't enough, all the games have an unreasonable amount of ads.

Fleepbi: I used to love this game, but now after one of these updates I can't even hear the music anymore, no matter how much I turn up the volume- all I hear are the sound effects of the ball hopping around and very little else [edit: the problem that was originally stated seems to be fixed, but now i can't upload my own songs anymore]

Meghan Pace: I very rarely say this about a game but I'm just going to be honest. It's too hard to be fun. The controls are not smooth. Finger feels weird on the screen and it's really hard to find slower songs for beginners. The tapping versions of this style game are better.

Totoro: I wanna like it. I enjoy games like this. However the songs are either so fast you can hardly get the ball to the square in time or there's so many ads you spend the entire time waiting in between failing to get to the tile before it hits the wrong color..

Tavishi Singh: It's a great game and it also tests how speed can are eyes see and hands move. Sometimes when you're bored nothing like a good English can't fix and this game is the right choice.Once you start you get sucked into this game. Really like it and it also gets tougher and tougher each level.

A Google user: I rate this app a 2 because it lies! In the ad, it said you could type in a song and play to it. But on the app you have to unlock the songs. False advertising. Other then that, the ads are not the problem. I would NOT recommend getting this game.

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