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Caves (Roguelike) MOD APK v0.95.2.71 (Unlimited Money)

Caves (Roguelike)
NameCaves (Roguelike)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 24, 2023
Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)

Caves (Roguelike) - Turn-based roguelike RPG. Kill monsters. Improve your character. Loot. Dig.

What's new in latest version
- Added 1 new perk
- Updated New Year content
- A lot of fixes and improvements
- Added 2 new armor types
- Slightly improved some armor types
- Some visual improvements
- Some perk fixes
- Updated settings menu
- Added 4 new armor types which using a new ability switching mechanic
- Improved Telekinesis and Energy Impulse abilities
- Improved Invisibility ability
- Improved Impulse Teleport ability
- Added 2 new armor types with a new ability

About Caves (Roguelike) MOD

Caves let players explore the darkest dungeons shaped like dangerous caves while developing or collecting powerful artifacts to increase their battle performance in unique and exciting activities.

Caves introduce a varied and engaging rogue-like gameplay to explore complex cave systems. Interestingly, the deeper the player goes inside, the more rewards or artifacts will appear as potential rewards for all their efforts. The game also applies the pixel graphics engine to enhance the entertainment and experience of people through complex developments.


The content of the player’s journey through the Caves is dangerous yet straightforward and exciting as they will have the opportunity to confront various monsters of the fantasy world. Not only that, the cave systems in each run attempt are complex and completely random, including the creation of the environment or the enemies. That gameplay has a lot of entertainment potential and always surprises people through those systems.


The most exciting thing about the game is not its cave system but the random systems that appear in combat, maps, and more. It is also known as Random Number Generator and always gives the user a lot of random numbers within a specific range, thereby affecting all player activities or interactions. Because of that, everything is entertaining when players can have fortune or misfortune along the way.


The main battle system of the Caves is turn-based, so players will have many tactical options when constantly confronting enemies. The same goes for moving or performing specific actions, giving players more ideas to use items or weapons effectively. Many new potentials will open up in the future so that players always have the most refreshing experience when fighting all enemies.


Each run attempt in the game will automatically refresh everyone’s progress, and they will have to start at the cave’s gate and work their way inside. However, each time the player returns, they can directly upgrade a few stats in the system to make the character superior to the new beginnings. Not only that, while searching the cave, the player can level up and is allowed to choose one of the random skills from the system.


Caves’ equipment system is also rich and diverse for players to personalize characters with impressive combat abilities. Fortunately, each type of equipment has its unique skills, and they have many ratios to trigger additional effects depending on the weapon’s attributes. In the future, players will collect more rare weapons from the scattered rewards and even upgrade them directly in the dungeon.


The variety of characters is also a great addition to the gameplay as it opens up the player to more stimulating ideas to enjoy the game to the fullest. Each character has many unique effects to adapt or respond to individual strategies. Players can also upgrade the chosen character with enough resources to open up new combat potential in each run attempt.

Caves will bring people new but familiar rogue-like experiences thanks to their exciting turn-based systems and create humorous elements for everyone to enjoy every dungeon run entirety.


  • An intoxicating rogue-like dungeon crawler gameplay with hilarious factors to immerse players in endless fascination.
  • Various random systems stir things up and diversify players’ emotions when things may go their way or up against them.
  • Multiple characters to design and start with distinct powers or effects to support players in the long run or counter in unique scenarios.
  • In-depth weapon system to open up new battle potentials while letting players explore and enjoy their favorite battle styles in every run.
  • An extensive cave system in each run with new monsters, biomes, and bosses for players to confront and has the most exhilarating satisfaction.

Reviews from google users

Ronald Gurney: All I can say is, WOW! For a free game the amount of detail and depth is insane! I tried this game last year and was utterly lost (starting can be very overwhelming!), but I re-downloadeded it recently and looked up some tips, and boy was I wrong to delete it. Give yourself some time to get used to the difficulty and mechanics, but overall it is a very fun/complex game, and it's all free!

TheComentGuy: A very well made game. I love the concept, i love the progression, and most importantly, the game makes it feel like your fault. This is great because the you can improve and revaluate. One time, on my second run, i was at 18 hp and splashed a mystery potion on myself. I died, but instead of getting upset, i laughed at my mistake and didn't do it again. My only problems are: 1. The tutorial is a bit confusing. It would be better if you showed what to do instead of just saying it. 2. Nothing else

Jonas Parks: Not bad, just not particularly appealing to me. The controls are a bit wonky but they fit the feel and look of the game. The progression system is admittedly pretty rewarding, and getting stronger over time feels rewarding. My main issue is with UI and user experience. Pretty much nothing is explained, which can be fine in theory, but not here. I'm finding myself constantly lost on what to do, and where to go. Also, not being able to move the camera is annoying as all Hell. Overall, fine. 3/5

A Google user: Hands down one of the best games on the app store. I won't even bother describing the wonderful gameplay, ambient environment, or various tactical options, because all those features only play a supporting role in my opinion to the level of immersion this game offers. You know a game is amazing when you're lost in it for hours at a time without realizing it.

A Google user: I just noticed that I've played 60 hours over the last month or so. So this is easily the most replayable Android game I've ever played. There's no in-game purchases other than to remove ads. Yes, there is a steeper learning curve than most games, but if you can stomach five minutes of confusion at first then you will start to pick it up and have fun learning. Also you keep gold, gems, and stored components so don't freak when you die: you're still progressing!

A Google user: One of the few games I haven't deleted after 5 min of play time due to adds. There is one small add banner at the bottom but only in the main menu. Game play is unexpectedly deep for a rougelike with tons of items and many ways to use them. As you find better equipment and mining tools there is very noticeable feeling of progression. Some games it's just stats and how much damage you can deal but this game has a lot more going on, and for me figuring it all out is half the fun! Well done DEV!

A Google user: This game is really fun. It has no pay/watch to win elements and only has ads when you die and when you transition levels. It is unforgiving as hell, and one mistake can screw you over, but it is fun because it is challenging. The only complaint I have is that your character will sometimes walk over traps you know are there if you dont move block by block around it.

A Google user: This game is loads of fun. I've had it for over a year now, and love that the devs are still adding to it. I have never seen so much depth in a free mobile game. My only complaint is that your character won't stop moving until they reach their destination. So if an enemy teleports next to you, or an invisible enemy reveals themselves right after you start moving, they can get multiple turns to attack you.

A Google user: Want to give massive props to the devs on this one. This game ain't easy, I couldn't get passed the first stage on easy for my first 10 deaths. The game doesn't hold your hand which gives a much better feeling of progression. Enemy's behaviors are unique and open up options for strategies and spacing. There is a ton of content and I've only scratched the surface. By far the most unique roguelike I've played and probably the hardest. Keep up the good work, I'd shed a few bucks for this game.

A Google user: I'm a huge fan of roguelikes, so I take them pretty seriously, especially when they're good. This is an amazing tile based roguelike where every move / action is a "turn", and everyone / everything on the screen takes their turns at the same time. It's a bit archaic, but it works so incredibly well because everything is designed around this function. It's a game of learning the mechanics of every ability, weapon, item, and enemy, so that you can predict movements and attacks in order to strategically execute your battle plans, based on timing and positioning. I've had fights against powerful enemies with crazy weapons go on for 5 to 10 minutes, with lots of careful planning involved. After my first couple of runs I thought it seemed pretty basic despite being enjoyable, so I wasn't expecting long-term engagement. But once I got to the second area and saw how much more complex weapons and enemies could be, I realized there was a lot more depth and detail to the game than I thought. It's a bit of a slow drip, but it just keeps coming the longer you keep playing, and I'd prefer that to dumping everything too quick and leaving more to be desired very early on. It's pretty much as good as you could want a game like this to be, and doesn't feel at all hindered by the fact that it's a mobile game. I don't remember ever considering or feeling pressured to spend money, if there even is the option. It's a rare gem of a truly free experience that transcends the usual expectations. That said I think there is still a lot of untapped potential, despite the fact that what is there is amazing, just because the entire foundation they built is so intricate I feel like it leave the floor open for so many possibilities. But it seems like they update it a lot and have a lot of plans for it, and I think as long as they continue to do that it could solidify itself as one of the best experiences the genre has to offer.

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