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Brawl Masters MOD APK v1.3.5 (Unlimited Money)

Brawl Masters
NameBrawl Masters
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 30, 2023
Brawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl MastersBrawl Masters

Brawl Masters - Join the brawl party, to be the super brawl master

What's new in latest version 1.3.5

New suits & bugs fixed

About Brawl Masters MOD

Brawl Masters attracts players for the first time as they enter dramatic aerial battles and take down powerful enemies. As you pass many levels, you will have the opportunity to increase your power, unlock new characters and legendary weapons with impressive power.

Brawl Masters is a game where players control a character who is always in the air and continuously attacks their enemies to win the game. At the same time, each level offers specific benefits to unlock new powers and equip them.


The gameplay you experience in Brawl Masters revolves around your battles with armed enemies. The goal is straightforward: to defeat the enemies that appear before you and confront the strongest one at that level. At the same time, an interesting point that you will not ignore is that the characters will not move on the ground but will hover in the air and fly towards the enemy to attack them. So you will choose the right angle of attack to deal damage to them.

The control method is not too difficult for the player to drag the joystick to navigate the character easily. At the same time, each character will be floating, so you will need to pay attention to how you move to attack and defend with complete accuracy.


As mentioned above, the way players make moves in Brawl Masters is entirely accessible, but it takes a few matches to master it. They will get used to always turning their swords towards the opponent or retreating to take no damage. Also, when weapons collide repeatedly, the two characters will drop their weapons, and you will need to pick them up again to continue attacking. In a game screen, there will often be many different opponents.

The levels in the game are entirely diverse that you will take time to complete them, and at each level, you will face new enemies. There will usually be enemies of moderate strength, and you will need to defeat them all to get to the final enemy. Also, as you move inside the environment, you’ll often see circles with symbols that help you gain effects like slowing enemies, increasing attack power, and many other valuable effects.


Each character you control in Brawl Masters has its unique traits, stats, and weapons. You can only add new weapons, not replace their original weapons. At the same time, each character uses an exciting and unique weapon with accompanying effects. For example, Marsbot can launch his weapon and pick up the boss weapon if it drops. Each character has different unlocking methods, such as the spin wheel, gold coins, and diamonds.

Besides the original strength of the character, you also need to pay attention to the upgrade and weapon retrofit for them. Specifically, the upgrade mechanism will help you increase your strength, HP, and many other stats. You won’t need to upgrade them from scratch because this mechanic applies to all the characters you have and are about to unlock. Each weapon has additional stats and attacks power that requires a certain amount of resources and levels you have completed to forge them.

The game’s air battles attract players because:

  • Original gameplay where you will constantly fly towards enemies and attack them until they are defeated.
  • The number of enemies in each level is entirely different, and there is always the last enemy at the end of the level that you need to overcome.
  • Your strength will increase as you upgrade your character’s stats.
  • The character system with stats, abilities, and shapes is diverse and will make you want to unlock them.
  • You can touch a series of weapons with different types, even legendary weapons.

Reviews from google users

Ulfat Naz: This game is amazing but after I do a battle it always freezes so I have to turn the game of so if you could pleas change it

jason scott: It's fun and I love it you kill people and you can get to take You get to played anytime without without die so fast it's so fun I love it you should download it anytime soon

Bradley muthoni: Its soooooo great it might need new players and better controls overall it the best game its the best game I've ever played. We need more games like this.

A Google user: OMG!!!!!!! Its soooooo awesome and I love it! It could use some new characters but overall, it's amazing! #keepitup

A Google user: Great game but lot of bugs, please fix it as fast as possible. By the way I hope this game can add more mode.

A Google user: the controls are bad but the graphics are amazing this is my real opinion and I'm not sponsored by brawl Masters they didn't pay me to say this this is really my real opinion thank you and have a good day

A Google user: It doesn't work I load it up and it just doesn't work! It is the WORST GAME EVER! I EVEN RE-DOWNLOADED IT 10 TIMES! WASTE OF SPACE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS terrible!

A Google user: It's pretty good so far but it's also kinda easy so try to make it harder and please add more character's I got half of the characters in 1 day

A Google user: In a statement to be held at tt general in a bid for a second time in a row with me after the game he was told that the team was not in a very competitive situation but I think we are a team we are not a club that has a GOLD medal and the first time we played against us open the first half was the best we can u and I have a lot of confidence to win

A Google user: Its like a bowmaster's game but you fly around and attack people with cool weapon's! My only problem is that I wish there wasn't that many ads!

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