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Brain Up MOD APK v1.0.57 (Unlimited Hints, Unlocked)

Brain Up
NameBrain Up
DevelopersAzura Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hints, Unlocked
Updated on March 30, 2023
Brain UpBrain UpBrain UpBrain UpBrain Up

Brain Up - Stimulate your imagination and thinking now with our iq games Brain Up!

What's new in latest version 1.0.57

A new useful update is available. The next one is coming soon!
- Fix some bugs.
- Improved performance.
We carefully read your review, so feel free to write about the features you experienced in the game and suggest what you'd like to change.
Thank you so much <3

About Brain Up MOD

Brain Up opens up an exciting story and is difficult for players to understand. Use your smart brain to solve the most challenging puzzles.

Brain Up is a puzzle game with varied gameplay and excitement when you can’t figure out what the next puzzle will be with what genre and how to solve it—a variety of puzzles with a new way of thinking, different from the usual ones. Just a few minutes of playing this game every day can also help you increase your thinking and logic ability and know-how your puzzle-solving ability is?!


The biggest attraction of Brain Up is the unpredictable difficulty of the puzzles. A collection of hundreds of puzzles have been sorted by level, from easy to complex. The special point is that you can not know what form the next puzzle will be. The game has many types of puzzles: sorting, word puzzles, action,… The puzzles are not the same in each level, and the difficulty increases from easy to complex. After completing a puzzle, the next one will be unlocked in the form of a turn.


There will be some puzzles that are quite brain-hacking, and you won’t find a way to solve them. Don’t worry, and there will be smart bulbs to help you. Every day, you will have five times to be helped by the light bulb. It will give useful hints so that you can solve the puzzle. But because the quantity is small, use it only when needed.


On short breaks, you need a relaxing game for a few minutes. Brain Up will be the right choice because the time to solve each puzzle is only 1-2 minutes. Moreover, you can play it at any time because it is an entirely free game and does not require an internet connection.


This is a benefit worth considering when players play this game. The game combines many forms of puzzles and increases the ability to think logically. Instead of normally thinking, now change that way of thinking because the solutions are all quite strange and have the right “brain hacking” quality. After playing this game for a while, you will realize that your thinking and logic have changed!


Brain Up is designed with funny, cute pictures and funny music. The game does not have an element of violence and helps with thinking, so it is suitable for everyone, especially children.

The game is an excellent choice if you are in need of a breath of fresh air to make life exciting and challenge yourself in many situations. Try your hand at puzzles and see how many of them you can solve in a short time! Be the best player and conquer every super difficult puzzle of Brain Up.


  • Lots of puzzles from easy to difficult with many new and different forms
  • Your task is to solve puzzles to receive many attractive rewards. After successfully solving one puzzle, the next puzzle will be unlocked
  • Each game’s time is relatively short; it only takes about 1-2 minutes to solve the puzzles, so you can play in any free time even if you only have a short break.
  • The game is free and does not require an internet connection, does not bring elements of violence, so it is suitable for everyone, even children
  • Enjoy a fun and entertaining game that combines logical thinking and reflexes, problem-solving

Reviews from google users

Aatif Muzafar: Please do not install if u want to face challenging levels. This game is just made for kids. The game is too easy that a six year old kid can pass it comfortably. Secondly, there are so many ads that u spend half time in playing the game and half in ads. Disappointing app!

Nandini Nandinii: Now the game has 350+ interesting levels. Also when a level completed the game tell something interesting. Also there are another 3 games in it i.q pack,emoji, interesting question. Not any ad issues,If you off your data.The animation are also attractive. It is not hard.It also have a fun teaching like you have to see the the picture and have to guess which country is it, If you can't then the app will tell.It will up your Knownadge and i.q. ??

Jaidev Malik: This game is very very esy . This needs to be hard . I installed the game and just completed it's 300+ levels within a hours. Hint to win the game :- just touch everywhere on the screen , you can clear more thanhalf of the levels like this. Next thing ,it has too many ads that needs to be stopped. That's giving it only 3 ???

Erin Stanford: It's a decent game. The people that are reviewing in the comments need to relize that this game was made to be easy most likely, though a system where you can choose an easy-meduim-hard level would be good. I truly understand that every gaming franchise has to air adds, but the same add after every two quizes is somewhat outrageous. I dont understand WHY. This was not made to offend anyone, I am just stating my opinon. Overall, the game is pretty decent! Thank you for making it possible!

Rashi Sharma: Firstly the good things in this app. The app is really good additive and I spent more time than I expected in this app. it is really helpful for brain development and even all of us know that puzzle is good for our mind. but the bad things are this game has a lot of ADS lot so I think the other name of this game should be Ads survival because this game contains lots of ads. to the developers I should say you should reduce the amount of ads. I'm not saying to just remove the ads but reduce it.

Neha De: It is very boring game. So easy levels that 1st or 2nd gradders can also do it but not appropriate for them also because some times bad adds pop on the screen.there questions like find the objects or differences. Simple addition and a little bit observating questions if you are an adult dont install but there some words bad.... that is very low iq level game thats it..

Mo mo: I would have rated the Game play but... After solving the second level the game crashed and I tried it over and over again but it still kept on crashing.. Ads for this on YouTube are so sexual and inappropriate 0/10 even in those 2 levels, I am 10 years old and those levels look like there for 3 year olds

Prad K: I kind of like this, but its not appropriate for kids... Inappropriate ads pop up all the time... The content is also inappropriate and sometimes unwanted words show up when we finish particular levels.. Some of the levels are inappropriate for kids like the one where you have to search for the weapon.. So I give this a 1 star.. I hope you agree with me!

Sultan Virani: Very easy game and also very interesting loved it. Just gave 4 stars cause of ads. In the other brain games it's very hard to play and very annoying when we have no hints left. Feeling sad because I finished 200 levels and its saying more levels when updated soon. U all should download this.

Raushan Khatoon: It's a really good game. I would recommend installing it if you do have some space for this game, or if you don't have any space, don't cry in the corner. I'm not telling that this game is bad, but it's a really good time killer. You can play it when you're bored. But if you're looking for a challenge, this is not the spot. The levels are too easy, I have completed all of them. I would really appreciate if there will be more challenging levels. Anyway, nice game! :D

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