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Borealis - Icon Pack MOD APK v2.130.0 (PAID/Patched)

Borealis - Icon Pack
NameBorealis - Icon Pack
MOD FeaturesPAID/Patched
Updated on March 30, 2023
Borealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon PackBorealis - Icon Pack

Borealis - Icon Pack - Over 25,000 high quality icons to bring color & homogeneity to your phone.

What's new in latest version 2.130.0

90+ new icons.

About Borealis - Icon Pack MOD

Borealis brings users an immense library of themed icon packs to change their experience or devices’ appearances uniquely. It is also packed with exceptional background designs and features to satisfy users.

Borealis will present people with a wide selection of icon packs with different themes and styles to change the inherent beauty of their device or interface. It also comes with many unique and new themes or launchers, making significant changes to the interface or giving a new beauty to any application. Moreover, according to people’s tastes, they can create different user-profiles and constantly change each theme or icon packs option.


The main content in Borealis is special icon packs with characteristic beauty and exudes a new and refreshing atmosphere to change the overall look. They also come with many profound and vivid customizations for users to freely change every detail and create many perfect combinations in each pack. Of course, the app will regularly update with new content in the library, including the newest and rarest icon packs in the same theme.


Installing and changing every icon of each pack happens automatically, and the latest changes apply to all applications they notice through special methods. However, users can manually install icon packs and select specific applications to apply new icons to them. Depending on the user’s style, many new styles and possibilities in changing icons will open up and make everything more convenient and flexible.


Besides the icon packs with typical beauty, Borealis introduces more beautiful and outstanding wallpapers to combine with icons perfectly and eye-catching. What’s convenient is that users can use smart filters to interact with the wallpapers directly, organize them neatly, and even select multiple contents at once to display. Users can customize or set personal photos as wallpaper and create a new beauty for the device or user experience.


The Dashboard is a convenience included in the application’s system and will give users a lot of comfort in interacting with applications or changing gestures. It also has a lot of customization and deep personalization and presents an innovative and flexible design for users to change or create new miracles. The Dashboard promises to bring people new potential in interacting with the application while helping them maximize the system or shortcuts.


If users do not find icon packs that match their interests or personal needs, Borealis will introduce a request feature to suggest ideas. Through that, they can wait and receive notifications from the app whenever new icon packs match any description or recommendation they have submitted before. Fortunately, people are free to design and propose separate icon packs for multiple apps publicly for everyone to respond.

Borealis is a simple app, but the content and icon packs it carries are endless and rich to diversify the user experience. On top of that, it comes with many special wallpapers with extensive customization for the user to freely create new looks or styles for the device and its interface.


  • An immense library of icon packs with variable beauty and styles for users to choose from to change their apps’ appearances.
  • Wondrous wallpapers with excellent designs exclude a distinct sight and even let users combine them with icon packs for new effects.
  • Customize everything or manually pick specific icons for any favorite app, and design or create a new icon pack with personal tastes.
  • A modern and intuitive dashboard for quick interaction while creating multiple profiles for specific purposes with the Dashboard.
  • A built community for users to interact with others or request personal icon packs that match their desires or styles.

Reviews from google users

Noel Romaraog Jr.: Its getting slower and slower.. ?? search function doesnt work..

Scott Kurtz: Usually a 5 star app but currently broken on Galaxy S22. Hangs when trying to customize individual icons with Nova and crashes every time.

Steen Krøyer: Just spins and spins each time I try to use it. I get the impression that it tries to rebuild a cache or something each time it runs.

irlVector: It seems to be working, however when I navigate to the Icons tab of the app itself, no icons appear. The thing keeps loading indefinitely...

Nate ?N8?: Best because of how many apps it covers, plus the amount of alternative icons. Keep up the updates and requests and this'll stay the best.

Matthias: I really love the design and the option for requests. This icon pack has upgraded my homescreen to new hights. The only thing that bothers me is that I don't get to change single icons like phone dial (from green to blue icon) - don't know if it's the apps fault or my incompetence ? I have an OnePlus 8 Pro with no custom launcher :/ Edit: Thank you very much. With your response I've finally been able to design it perfectly for my taste

j.gaben: I used white flat icons for years before I found this pack. I've never thought I'd use colourful icons but this just completely changed my mind! This adds so much life to my setup. All of my icons, even some obscure apps (with one exception) are themed, and there's plenty of variations with system icons such as the clock, contacts and file folders. Cannot recommend this pack enough! Completely worth the price.

A Google user: Insane amount of icons, and covers majority of apps you will get, save for some weird obscure ones. And they all look and feel consistent and amazing. Premium icon requests basically guarantee it to be included in the next update, and they're fairly cheap (if you get Google Rewards questions every now and then it's pretty easy to get a couple requests in).

A Google user: Still the best icon pack I've used by far. It has one of the best and widest selections of icons, as well as several alternatives for the most popular apps. Requesting icons for missing apps is pretty easy, and premium requests are added in the next update, sometimes as soon as the next day. The app is easy to navigate and has a good design

A Google user: Fantastic pack with great designs and colours. One of the most comprehensive collections I've seen in a good long while. Only a handful of my seldom-used and more obscure apps didn't have an icon. The request feature is easy to use and the included wallpapers complement the icons very nicely. 5 stars, well worth the $.

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