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Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK v3.11.1 (Unlimited Money)

Beyblade Burst Rivals
NameBeyblade Burst Rivals
DevelopersEpic Story Interactive
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
Beyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst RivalsBeyblade Burst Rivals

Beyblade Burst Rivals - Can you defeat your friends? Multiplayer Bey battles are here!

What's new in latest version 3.11.1

New Master Packs and Master Boxes added to the Bey Store rotation
New Premium Core Pack
Minor bug fixes & optimizations

About Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD

Beyblade Burst Rivals is a free-to-play puzzle game. If you are curious and you are a lover of thinking games, this will be a very suitable game for you.

Beyblade Burst Rivals is published by game developer Epic Story Interactive. When participating in this game, players will have to solve fast-paced match-3 puzzles. The game is inspired by the action movie Beyblade Burst. The content of the game will revolve around a character named Valt Aoi and other characters in the team. Their team together strives to become the greatest Blader in the world. Coming to Beyblade Burst Rivals, players will join the adventure and you will be able to become Blader. What’s interesting about this adventure? Let’s Wbc2020 explore this game together.

Play Beyblade Burst Rivals while exercising your mind

Currently, there are many puzzle titles on mobile devices. Depending on your preferences and level of brain training, each person will have appropriate game options. For example, some game genres such as strategy games, light crossword selection games, or board games. And of course, the match-3 game genre is indispensable. This is a game genre that seems to be easy, but it is very difficult. Along with that, the combination with an attractive storyline will definitely bring players a lot of fun.

In this game genre, it is impossible not to mention Beyblade Burst Rivals – an attractive match-3 game with high speed. In addition, there are many other interesting points compared to games of the same genre.

The background of the game Beyblade Burst Rivals

The setting of the game Beyblade Burst Rivals is based on the action movie of the same name, Beyblade Burst. The story revolves around a heroic character named Valt Aoi, he and his teammates train and fight to become the world’s greatest Bladers.

It sounds confusing at first because a game with such a dramatic plot can be combined with a traditional match-3 game. But when you play, they fit together to the point of confusion. Let’s explore to make the game more interesting.

How to play Beyblade Burst Rivals

Starting the game, you choose a character you love. Your mission is to follow them and fight hard to strive to become Blader Master. You will be engaged in spectacular battles using Bey gyros, moreover, you will get help from your friends.

However, in order to win, you need to master the skills. Along with that, you must also have your own strategies to defeat the enemy. And importantly, you must collect Bey and upgrade it to unlock special skills. Then, you will grasp certain advantages for the final battle. This will help you understand the necessary skills and key elements to become the greatest Blader. It will be good if you conquer Ring Out, End of Survival, or End of Big Bang. Only intelligence can defeat your opponents.

Transformation feature in the game Beyblade Burst Rivals

First, it’s the Match-3 mechanics that apply in fast-paced gyro matches. It allows you to match bricks to increase success, and decide and unleash Bey techniques in combat. In addition, you can switch Beys between rounds according to your strategy. Along with that, players can also use their favorite Bey skills from TV series such as Counter Break, Rush Launch…

Second thing, you can fight with your favorite Bladers. And you can also use your favorite Beys like Storm Spryzen, Xeno Xcalius, Raging Roktavor… Besides, you can also fight with your favorite characters like Daigo, Ken, Rantaro, Shu, and Lui…

Let’s collect Bladers, and Beys and earn money

When you open the Bey Box, you will also discover the rare loot in it. You can then collect, upgrade, and manage Beys and Bladers. Use them as a strategy and plan in battle. Your abilities and strengths will depend on your Bey and Blader stats.

During the game, Blader and Beys will always be added to help players increase their strength. To earn money, players need to build up an arsenal of rare Beys weapons and fight them. When you collect many 5-star Beys, you also unlock new Bey techniques. In addition, you also need to open new Beys to increase your potential.

Beyblade Burst Rivals mod apk version

One of the most important things in this game is money. It will help you become stronger and go to victory easier. This is the advantage only available in the Beyblade Burst Rivals mod apk version, and also the main feature of this version.

In addition, you can also upgrade infinitely. Note that you need to have enough money to buy items. And after you buy the item, the money will increase.

Download Beyblade Burst Rivals mod apk game for Android devices

It can be said that this is a mobile game with many advantages. For example, the graphics are beautiful with full color, and the gyroscope and Blader are constantly refreshed. If you love stories about the magic gyroscope and the fascinating experiences surrounding it, download the Beyblade Burst Rivals mod apk to your device and experience it right away.

Reviews from google users

dakota moore: I just lost all my data to this baby game because I had to redownload it so with load better and it just reset it the whole game on me and I want my day to back or I want a refund because I spent too much money on this game

EXIDOL 42: Can you guys fix the multiplayer battles like everytime an opponent quits, you can still get the trophy reward cause I got like a lot of opponents that exploits this mechanic to the point that I can't even save up a lot of trophies anymore. Plus the game kept on lagging everytime I upgrade the ranks of anything. Can you guys also limit the ads like we don't even need them causr every 3 battles there's a useless ad, we just watch it on our own to earn some rewards. Just fix the game please

Lord Shadow: If you like beyblade you will like this. It is 4/5 due to the amount of adverts. You click on the menu ad, you click next battle ad, you click on your bey ad, you click to open loot box ad and so on. These range from 15 secs 45 secs. Please note it doesn't happen every time but if he happens randomly just close the game and reload it.

A Google user: This game is cool. But some point it feels hollow that its just a tile matching game with time. The animations and graphics are more than awe. Just need more player-bay based controls so that player have to develop a playstyle rather than just matching tiles. I'm always hoping good for Bayblade!

A Google user: This app takes a while to load and animation kind of stalls but it works. I love the matching idea, just that I cannot play because it takes too long to move around. If i could play more, this would get a 5-star rating. I hope more beyblade games are made with an offline feature one day.

Download Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK for Android

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