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Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK v2.1.0 (Mega Menu)

Battlegrounds Mobile India
NameBattlegrounds Mobile India
DevelopersKRAFTON, Inc.
MOD FeaturesMega Menu
Updated on March 25, 2023
Battlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India - Get ready, The Ancient Secret: Arise Mode is here on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

What's new in latest version 2.1.0

About Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Mod APK exposes players to impressive battle royale battles against large numbers of players. There will be many necessary weapons and items that they can find to survive.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game that takes players engaging in survival battles against other enemies. They will be able to land at a specific location and pick up the items and weapons they need to prepare for battle. In addition, the safe zone will continuously shrink until only one player survives, and you will be able to use a variety of strategies.


In Battlegrounds Mobile India, players will engage in challenging combat battles against other players. Everyone wants to be the last survivor and constantly moves through many different areas. Simultaneously, this is the Indian version, so some elements will be typical of this country, such as the interior design of the buildings or the costumes that the player receives. Surely there will be many more for you to discover.

This game’s world is entirely diverse and has a lot to explore. Inside the buildings will be items that you can pick up and equip your character. In addition, you also know what items you can touch and then continue to move to another location to collect items. Characters equipped with skills of various items from combat to support will help players feel confident to participate in the battle.


Once you’ve experienced a shooter like Battlegrounds Mobile India, you’ll have access to many weapons. The number of weapons will vary depending on the environment you enter, and each weapon has its characteristics and uses appropriate ammo. At the same time, if you are lucky, you can also pick up items that help you upgrade your weapons and achieve the best combat effect at each level.

In the weapon information, players will find some empty slots where you can add parts like silencer, scope, and others. It is necessary to help you attack the enemy more conveniently and quickly without making any noise and being able to stand in a different position to attack. At the same time, this is entirely consistent with the tactics that players think of when moving and standing in a specific position.

The environment in the game is completely diverse, with different designs and objects that players can use to hide. Tallgrass can lie comfortably, or rocks dodge attacks from enemies. At the same time, creating a smoke-filled environment will be a way to help you escape and move into completely dangerous circles where enemies are waiting for you to approach. Surely you will need to be careful with the surrounding elements.


In the vast environment of Battlegrounds Mobile India, danger can appear at any moment. You can start a match with your friends or play alone on the screen, and each type has certain advantages. Specifically, you can get teammates’ support when you’re knocked out and set up defenses against enemies. In addition, you need to choose the correct way to move when the safe zone is continuously shrinking.

The safe zone is a factor that any player needs to pay attention to as it will be able to have a heavy impact on players when they go out of it. In addition, it will continuously shrink to facilitate different players can find and attack each other. You will know how much time is left before the safe zone shrinks to explore the environment and choose any vehicle to move. So every area you go to can have ambushed and requires you to be careful.

Players will enter a world with many dangerous challenges and try to survive:

  • Players will travel to a specific location and experience buildings with varied designs that contain various items they can pick up.
  • The weapons will use different types of ammunition that you will care about, and their effectiveness depends on the item you equip.
  • The safe zone will be narrowed until the game end, and the players have a chance to meet and use the right tactics to defeat the opponent.
  • The surrounding environment is entirely diverse and allows the player to camouflage and wait for the target to appear carefully.
  • You can choose to play alone or with other players, feel secure when traveling with your friends and receive their support.

Reviews from google users

HARIHARAN J MARINE: Worst game ever, even pubg is good, so many bugs and glitches, instead of promoting the game ,just work on these issues, if I start the game ,the screen freezes in the loading screen.i need to restart the game per match , this is the worst ever experience I faced, I want to give 0 stars ,but there is no option

Akshay Shetty: War zone is getting stuck in between, literally it's so irritating. Have to leave the match and join other match when this happens. Hello Team, there's a new issue in war zone,gun is missing while landing.Have to land without gun andnthisnis causing frustration tonolay this game without gun.

jaswant kumar: Nice game . This is my favorite game But some issue are in this game like as bugs, network issue, matching time is late game was does not start. when I restart the game then it's start and play it. so resolve this problem and when the enemies are come our game very very lack and network is gone so please resolve the some issue as soon as

Kushagra Kashyap: Allover the game is very amazing ? but there are some bugs and lag issues occurs whenever there will be a close range fight.?? and sometimes my phone screen gets freeze between the fights. So, its a humble request to fix these issues. Thank You

Jasmeet Singh: Best royal battel game I have ever played but the problem is for 30 or 60fps device players . The game lags the most during close range combat fights and during landing . Overall nice game and a very few hackers left still but I dont know why AWM damage is decreased too much . Waiting for new modes and features with some rewards and achivements still playing BGMI.... :)?

Ranish Ajay: I loved this game. The reason why I'm giving this game 4 star is, whenever I play the core circle mode, my mobile gets hanged and the system doesn't respond. I have to close the application and re-open it again. It's a headache. I've also played PUBG on this mobile and it worked smoothly. Please look forward to the technical issue or whatsoever it maybe and try to fix this please.

Sandeep Thakur: This is the WORST UPDATE EVER. The new LIVIK map is so unrealistic & buggy. I can't hear enemies coming by until they are too close, & when they fire, I can almost hear 25-30%. Same way when enemy fire from far, at first there are no footsteps, & ZERO gun firing sound, till the time I realise that I'm being hit, I already had lost most of my health. AND FOR THE OVERALL GAME, the ADS didn't work since the last update. Comparing my game & death replays, mostly they have less recoil with same guns.

Furious: The gameplay is not retained the way it was before. I can always feel a little lag-I have my scope setting on hold but sometimes it automatically shifts to tap mode not on the settings screen but in the gameplay which is kind of irritating.Whenever I start the game the massage of request timed out pops up even if I have a stable internet connection.I personally think they are focussing more on skins events,and some other ways to spend more uc they are not focused on providing a smooth gameplay.

vijay kumar: New update has a lot of glitch/bugs. * i can't hear vehicle sound + can't gear gunshots. * can't judge where the bullets coming from, can't judge the sound/ footspteps of gunshots/enymy direction. the audio has been broken. * ping shows 40-50 but it is 250+. switching guns takes me 2 seconds. * i was sitting on buggy while my teammate was driving. i tried to exit from buggy but no. i can't even move from there. i am out of the buggy but can't move. same goes with other vehicles

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