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BATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense MOD APK v1.2.2 (Attack Speed, Always Crits)

BATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense
NameBATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense
MOD FeaturesAttack Speed, Always Crits
Updated on March 25, 2023
BATTLE PLAN - Tower DefenseBATTLE PLAN - Tower DefenseBATTLE PLAN - Tower DefenseBATTLE PLAN - Tower DefenseBATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense

BATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense - Strategy game with magic and monsters. Test all your skills in combat

What's new in latest version 1.2.2

+Meta Game Update
+Upgradeable Skills
+Bug fixes

About BATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense MOD

BATTLE PLAN is a very attractive strategy game for mobile devices released by C4M. Featured with extremely attractive tactical gameplay combined with vivid sound graphics, in recent times, the BATTLE PLAN has received great attention from gamers. Let’s find out in detail with Wbc2020 what is interesting about this game. And also don’t forget the BATTLE PLAN mod apk version with many attractive features that we bring right below.

Introducing the game BATTLE PLAN

BATTLE PLAN offers you engaging tactical gameplay, as each battle requires careful planning. Each player needs to rebuild their ultimate defense to fend off the relentless onslaught of monsters – an all-new defensive playstyle you’re sure not to be missed. Here, with only an area with four roads leading directly to your barracks, players need to be careful with the army of monsters that constantly attack from those 4 roads. And your task is to build defensive towers and stop them. To win, you need to have smart plans.

Defend the route to your base

Throughout the game and through many levels, there are only 4 paths to your base. And at the end of these roads are the cannons to defend, this is also your only defense system in this game. When the game starts, there will be a lot of monsters from all directions rushing out and heading toward your base.

You need to use the firepower of the cannons to destroy them. And of course, after each level, you will unlock new skills and new powers to destroy monsters more easily. However, the monsters also gradually became stronger and had better durability. If you can’t stop them, when they reach the cannon’s location, that path will be destroyed.

And then, the rest of your way will have more monsters attacking, and you will struggle to cope with the increasing number of monsters. And of course, this is what will cause a lot of disadvantages for you. Use your skills to place weapons on the streets full of monsters. When you pass these levels, you will be given additional rewards, which can be weapons, items, or skills that make your cannons more powerful. Each cannon will have different power and skill progression, which is representative of the warriors defending your base.

Try your luck with many attractive gifts

Immediately after completing the levels, players will receive chests containing mysterious items. Try your luck by opening it, you will receive equipment that can increase the power of cannons. The strength and rarity of the equipment will be shown by the number of stars. Five stars are the rarest, if you get it, you are definitely a very lucky person. Besides weapons, you can also get items used to upgrade guns. The higher the item’s level, the more weapons you can upgrade. And you can also fully enhance automatically to save yourself time. Collecting weapons is what players need to do.

Defense on many terrains

Coming to BATTLE PLAN, you will experience many different battlefields. An atmosphere of tension will prevail when you have to defend on craters, icy areas, forests, or even high mountains. These battlefields will help you have more amazing experiences than ever. And each terrain also has different monsters, monsters in which the environment will resist the effects of that environment. This means you won’t be able to incinerate monsters in craters or freeze monsters in snowy areas. Therefore, you need to have the right strategy.

What features does BATTLE PLAN mod apk have?

This BATTLE PLAN mod apk version owns the attack speed menu mod feature. This will give you more advantages to kill more monsters, as well as defend your base with ease. Therefore, if you want to experience this game comfortably but still maintain its attractiveness, the BATTLE PLAN mod apk version is the choice that you cannot ignore.


It can be said that this is a strategy game that requires players to have a fighting mindset, and use their resources appropriately in each given situation to win. So are you confident enough to win this game? Download the BATTLE PLAN mod apk and experience it now.

Reviews from google users

Matt Crash: Jfg

Freddy Tippen: Fun

Leezash: Mmmm no random ads

Kornelije Petak: All well now. It's a bit of a grind and it's maybe too few levels. Waiting for more ??

Andreas Saurwein: Lacking innovative ideas. Just a copy of plants&zombies. Crashes a lot.

Dominic Roberts: Didn't get to play spent more gold during the tutorial and now I can't buy the first skill point to move on in the game how can I get past this

Fuza Kenna: No save cloud. ??

Johnson Axel: Pay to progress tower defense. Or grind for a year.

Susan Galloway: Please add bestiary to learn more about monsters. When will you respond?

Maria Axenoi: excellent, the sound is funny, from the first level I enjoyed it

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