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Apple Music MOD APK v4.1.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Apple Music
NameApple Music
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Updated on March 24, 2023
Apple MusicApple MusicApple MusicApple MusicApple MusicApple MusicApple MusicApple MusicApple MusicApple Music

Apple Music - Stream over 100 million songs, all ad-free.

What's new in latest version 4.1.0

This update includes all-new lyrics enhancements including beat-by-beat, real-time lyrics for millions of your favorite songs. It also includes various app and performance improvements.

About Apple Music MOD

Apple Music is a vast music streaming platform with more than 75 million songs and is refreshed every day to immerse users in endless pleasure. Not only that, but it also has a wide variety on many platforms and allows users to link to multiple accounts at the same time for extensive personalization when listening to music. The more exciting and superior potential will be introduced to the users later, giving them the most enjoyable user experience that other music players cannot.


Apple Music has a basic and familiar interface for users to have the most convenient and comfortable interaction when accessing a huge music library. Fortunately, its overall design is refined and elegant, combined with a few actions for quick access to individual categories or folders. The best part is the extensive and rich personalization so that every user is free to seek the most refreshing experience.


This app was originally native to Apple-based devices, allowing users to link accounts built into those platforms. They can also connect to other devices, whether desktop, laptop, and Android variant, to listen to music anytime, anywhere without any limitation. Of course, they can access their library with the music they own on Apple with just a few simple steps.


The application’s main function is to help users stream music for free when they only need an internet connection. Their quality is also guaranteed and allows them to customize or arrange them into many different playlists freely. Above all, users can freely connect to other output devices for a better listening experience when everything is free, convenient, and easy to use.


Apple Music’s download of any song feature is convenient, letting users download any song they already own from Apple’s servers. Once downloaded, they will have full access to its specially formatted file, even listening in offline mode and the background. Besides songs, users can download many other types of multimedia files from the store and more.


Lyrics are now an important feature that many users want to include in all songs today. The synchronization between the lyrics and their melody and tempo is precise and is extremely useful if a user wants to create a cover or sing along. They can also select the lyrics to display in many places on the screen, whether while using the application, the standby screen, or the home screen, for the full enjoyment of the user.


The best thing about the library is that it has a separate category for playlists, where users create, design, and personalize everything. However, they can expand their music discovery through countless playlists created by other users and widely shared in the market. Those playlists are all unique and full of life; users can even share them with incognito mode to connect people through their favorite genres.


If users don’t want to listen to music, then radios or podcasts can be the most suitable and great alternatives. The content of Radio and Podcasts is always refreshed every day, and they all come to many channels of different genres or categories separately, making the user experience more diverse. Above all, users can freely personalize playlists and watch later comfortably with an extensive range of content.


While discovering music, users can stumble across attractive wallpaper designs featured by Apple Music to their delight in changing the app’s atmosphere. Background themes are even designed and recommended by famous musicians or singers, and users can buy or support handmade content from many people. Even so, they can also self-publish interesting backgrounds and earn a little extra income.


People can freely follow any artist they love on this app, and it will be beneficial in diversifying their playlist. The app will automatically send users notifications every time their new activities, songs, or content is released. That enables them to follow or wait for the latest premieres, radios, songs, and podcasts, and even the chance to listen to their unique and funny live shows.

Apple Music is the most potential, powerful, prosperous, and vibrant music platform for users to enjoy a wealth of high-quality content. Moreover, it is also exciting places and ideal people to interact with the artists and their idols directly, including the content their merchandise.

Reviews from google users

Victoria Voronkina: Edit: removing another star. Shazam keeps reverting me back here cuz clearly apple doesn't have this song! Even though every other music platform does INCLUDING the free ones! And apple just raised their prices too....prob gonna switch soon. What's the point of paying for music when it doesn't even have it?? Latest update really screwed up! It took away the option to instantly add and download songs with one tap and now the widget doesn't have a skip option. PLEASE get rid of this new update!!!

Caleb A.: looks pretty. feels nice. but In what universe would I want the newest, most recently added songs on a playlist clear at the bottom! forcing me to scroll down ten million miles of songs just to reach the bottom where all my new songs are. there is an option to sort the playlist by recently added. but when you go to add songs to the playlist it SENDS THEM TO THE BOTTOM FOR GOD KNOWS WHY. make a list option for the recent list. because the album art is unimportant. I just want to play a song.

Tabbycat Bryson: SO MANY songs are greyed out. There are some albums where the entire thing is greyed out except for 1 or 2 songs!! Plus, it keeps playing the same songs over & over again, No matter how I have the settings configured. Hugely disappointing. Update 12/4 - Sound is absolutely horrible. Sounds like listening to an old cassette tape. Sounds like this on every device incl'd my Roku. And now a price increase, too?! U don't deserve it!!

Eric Franks: As a loyal Android Phone user, but as someone who also uses Apple products, it's about time the Apple Music app is available for non IOS devices. The sound quality is far superior to that of Spotify, and the library of available music is larger. The only issue I have with the Android version of this app is the fact that it doesn't seem to synchronize with my play history between my Ipad IOS Apple Music app and the Android app version. (Although this is not a serious glitch, please fix)

Daniel Nieves: As others have posted, a recent update has caused some issues. The app will no longer cast to Google home devices when attempted from within the app. Through the Google Assistant, it is able to cast the music, but will not have full functionality. Cannot manipulate playlists or queue. I'll be winding back my version to resolve for now, but I may have to switch services if it's not resolved soon. Feels like I'm not getting everything I paid for....

Josh Sherrard: The subscription seems worth it at first, but the app is useless to me. I'm coming from the iOS ecosystem where Apple Music was a no-brainer. I hoped to keep the service, but after an update somewhere, the app won't play on my nest speakers anymore. I have tried multiple and the app acts fine at first and then crashes. Maybe one day, I can justify the subscription again. But I'm going to have to move to Spotify.

Candy Apple: App is glitches. It takes a while before it will start or move to the next. Some songs I have had will not be available for me to play anymore. Sometimes they come back available to play, sometimes they don't. The app also sometimes will just randomly start playing on its own once I disconnect my BT headphones. Won't even be using the app when it does this either.

Justin Coleman: Great music app if you can get through apple's fort Knox security on a damn music app. Got a new phone and now it says I can't transfer to my new device for "83 days" and the customer service doesn't have any idea what that means. UPDATE: unfortunately I had no choice but to figure out how to access my account because Apple music is the best choice if you like to download your music and have it organized. Spotify and YouTube music organize your albums by album, and not by artist. Annoying.

Dan Zapix: After much frustration with Amazon Music's app (and Tidal's app) inability to resume your music queue if the app was updated or phone rebooted, or anything that closed the app I tried Apple Music. I've had to recreate all of my playlists, but Apple's app works. I don't lose my music queue anymore, even when I close the app and restart my phone. Open it up and it's right where I left it. Can actually listen to my 500+ song playlists that takes multiple weeks to get through without starting over!

Sean 509: Works well but you can tell Android is an afterthought. Sometimes takes multiple attempts to have the app load. App closes if it's dismissed from the app window which is really frustrating. It's getting better but still not smooth. Love the music selection and quality of sound, however. And that's what counts the most

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