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Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D MOD APK v1.0.8 (Free Rewards)

Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D
NameAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3D
DevelopersGamesUnion Technology Co.,Ltd
MOD FeaturesFree Rewards
Updated on March 30, 2023
Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3DAnts:Kingdom Simulator 3D

Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D - Wanna be an Ant?

What's new in latest version 1.0.8

1. Optimize the game experience
2. Fix known bugs

About Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D MOD

Ants: Kingdom Simulator 3D brings players to the world of unique ants. When you step into the empire of ants, you transform into a God who can control daily activities, through which you can grasp the unique knowledge of ants. If you are someone who is interested in the secrets behind the small body of ants, this will certainly be a meaningful experience for you.


Ants: Kingdom Simulator 3D is a strategy game that simulates ant survival. Even though they are small, here they are the main characters, so appearing in front of your eyes is a giant ant colony to help you observe exactly what will happen. Visit and enjoy life in this foreign land with just touches.


Do you know where ants live, where are the ideal conditions for them to grow? Not only that, to be able to maintain life, ants will certainly not stop looking for food every day. So what do they eat, and is the search journey arduous? In addition, love and the problem of maintaining the breed of ants in the pond are answered in this discovery game that promises many special things.


When you join this one-of-a-kind setting, you’ll use God’s profound vision and tremendous power to direct and control their every move. Ants not only seek to serve themselves but also bring back teammates and families in the nest. They can collect all the resources and then separate them to check which ones are edible and which are not. Just like that, at the end of the long day, they invited each other to take turns to sleep in the nest.


With a large family, it appears Queen, and she is considered the person who has the most power here but will not do anything every day as the military does for other soldiers. It even has an army on its side to protect the safety of the ant. This is the character who will be responsible for maintaining the breed, spawning other species of small ants who will continue to develop their unique country.

Reviews from google users

Baylee Evans: It's an ant kingdom. I love ants and I've named a leafcutter Steven once. I fell in love with ants and want to save them. Only if they don't bite like the workers. Also. The best time to touch bees are when they get pollen because... There too busy to Care.

evelyn noveloso: I love this game but first there is too much ads and second I don't know why the ants too slow. and also the ants are so cute too. I recommend that the people who thinks ads are annoying should not play this game.

Heather Carlson: horrible. every second theres a ad. and 2nd of all, the enemy colony (after you steal a nut or end them) they just have 10 king ants 5 fire ants and 8 acid ants. while you or me have 7 soldier ants! plus this game is just a pocket ants ripoff. don't play it unless if you just wanna see cringe ads and stupid gameplay. plus the title is even stolen ( half) its the ant game you always see at the top when you search anything ant related. this game just stole 2 good games. don't play please just dont

Dib Karl: The game is good, but it have so many ads you can't focus on the game cause in every sec or min the ad would pop up randomly, can't focus on the game.

chris pitch: ADS FORCE close the game this is a HUGE PROBLEM First with the amount of ads you present to the player YOU DONT NEED FORCED ADS Second NONE OF YOUR ADS should take me straght to google play after the ad is finished Third because your ads take me to google play and when the ads done playing i loose the Reward from the ad and the game force closes and reboots the game and it is very very VERY annoying please fix your game

GlareFace: This game is quite a good concept but the music and sound are pretty bad and there are so many pop ups that is very distracting and annoying to the gameplay

Sparky S (Sparky): This is my second favorite game but there are too many ads basically the game is just ads you need to watch an ad for everything And I found some bugs like the skins didn't show and all the words were black boxes Can you please fix this?

Rovic Nagaliza: This is better than most ant games, i like the fact that it's offline/ playable offiline, though the shadows effect is a little glitchy it fixing, but over all its amazing looking forward for more updates

Elizabeth Deerheim: Every other click is an ad. Plus, it looks like a knock off from one I used to play, which really is off putting.

kendrick manhattan: Ok playing the tutorial I thought I had easily found my new go to game...yea thought cause once the tutorial is over then I got bombarded with forced ads. I'm deleting as soon as I finish this post

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