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Almost a Hero - Idle RPG MOD APK v5.6.4 (Menu/God Mode, Money)

Almost a Hero  -  Idle RPG
NameAlmost a Hero - Idle RPG
MOD FeaturesMenu/God Mode, Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
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Almost a Hero - Idle RPG - Incremental adventures await!

What's new in latest version 5.6.4

Greetings Almost Heroes! If you were naughty or nice, we still have loads of delicious gifts for you in this update:

- Collect Wintertide Candies, earn new outfits, badges, pets, & other rewards!
- Squashing a few pesky bugs

About Almost a Hero - Idle RPG MOD

Almost a Hero opens the door to imperfect characters who need your help to become a knight.

If you are bored with the games that transform into the bravest heroes, give Almost a Hero a try. This place is known as another world, a shadow of heroes shining brightly out there. This will certainly be the only chance you have to discover truths that not everyone can know. When you come here, it also means that you will meet and transform unusual characters into heroes. Can you succeed with this mission or not?


In essence, this is an idle RPG game, so there are many bloody killing episodes. You seem to be lost in a unique horror movie. In this war, you are constantly faced with terrifying weapons that can deal extremely significant damage. Players will have to use strength and skills to kill all the enemies that appear before their eyes. If not, you will have to start the game from the beginning.


Not stopping there, Almost a Hero also gives you more unique experiences than ever. Specifically, the appearance of ancient magic. It is considered the trump card that brings more interesting spice to the game. Direct fighting moves are too boring and familiar, and then ancient magic will be a top candidate for your leisure time. In addition, we bring you some compelling artifacts.


In addition, the unique experiences for us have never been limitless. Everything is unlimited if you are interested. In particular, players will receive pets. Thanks to that, you will never be alone in the battles. They are what keep your life busy. At the same time, pets also help you increase your strength significantly. Adopt a poisonous but cute spider. Why not? They will become the trump card that helps players gain the initiative on the battlefield.


When you come to Almost a Hero, it will bring you big-scale battles. Your opponents are giant tycoons with international reputations. That’s why these battles also attract non-stop heroes from everywhere to come here to explore. The thrill is further enhanced when you participate in many new modes. One of them, we have to mention the appearance of an impressive adventure mode or seasons mode.


As I said, Almost a Hero is a world of flawed characters. In particular, they are sensitive characters because their emotions have been too much hurt in the past. Can you overcome them and turn them into heroes and knights? It could be the appearance of a girl standing out from the crowd with dark blonde hair, and she is in dire need of your support to come out of her own fear.

In addition, Almost a Hero constantly brings you more exceptional experiences. A thief promises to bring players indescribable emotions along with false achievements in the dark. Your task is to turn his soul into a pure, good person. Not stopping there, you also meet an elf. He is known as the richest man in this land. This war will never know what will come in the future. That’s why, maybe one day, they will be ready to fight to protect the world.

Everything when you just joined Almost a Hero starts from zero. In this fight, you will be going from surprise to surprise. The most notable thing here is that you meet characters who are not heroes in the first place. They all have flaws hidden behind that not everyone can discover. You will be one of the luckiest people to hold that opportunity. On an unexpected day, they will stand up to save the world.


  • Immerse yourself in a world full of imperfect characters who need your helping hand.
  • The feature can help players have more spice by adopting more unique pets.
  • Vigorously strike with unlimited enemies in this idle RPG game filled with plots against the world.
  • Successfully developing the appearance of ancient spells helps you build more cool skills.
  • Join the battles in brand new modes that give you many experiences like adventure mode or secret portal.

Reviews from google users

S: So I like the game but it's now broken because I cannot progress at all. Every time I reopen the app to try and progress, the aeon gates is stuck and I cannot abandon the gate even though the timers at zero and my other gates just keep resetting to the last time I open the game. I'm trying to force update the game and see if that fixes it. If not then I'm just going to uninstall and not bother with it. Problem has been fixed with an update.

Alex Dz: Highly recommend. I've been on and off for years now (Max Stage 5200+), and it's still my favorite idle game. The ads are NOT intrusive at all (completely your choice to watch), and all rewards are fair. Endgame requires some strategy, though there is a meta. Graphics are great and it runs very smoothly. The characters are adorable. Developers are very responsive and transparent, find them and guides on reddit. My only complaint is events are kinda boring, but that's okay. Have fun out there!

PT Collins: Simply horrible. After the last update, I loss all progress and purchases. Back to the very beginning. No one has responded to my bug report or requests for assistance. I know I will not receive any reimbursement. You always think reviews like this are fake until it happens to you. Update: The developers reached out to assist me. Although my progress is updated, I still lost about a third of my progress and purchases.

Tiffany Clark: It's so rare to find a game you don't have to pay to advance and yet are still thoroughly entertained. The ads are 100% optional, unlike most games, and also supply you with needed/wanted items. Each character has their own perks that blend well with one another. Every time you hit a milestone, which again-don't need to pay to play-you get ridiculously helpful rewards, too. Wendle, Nanna, and Handsum Jim are my favorites so far!

Mike Sl: I feel like they've been able to add some unusual and interesting factors for an idle game. Given that I generally prefer not to spend money on these free apps (at least early on), you'll probably get to a point where you need to actually have the game in idle/off for stretches so that you can build up funds enough to keep going. I wasn't sure about the Prestige element (essentially intentionally restarting to gain benefits), but it's grown on me.

A Google user: A clicker that allows low level grinding! Very rare! Gameplay is solid. Ads are optional I think (I did purchase a small gem pack which might have mitigated random ads - I can't confirm that.) A perfect free game! The ability to Prestige over and over at lower levels without an advancing floor is very much appreciated! 5 stars! Love it! Very fun, intricate, lots of components to play with. Promotes critical and strategic thinking with the time constraint levels. Love love love. Thank you devs!

A Google user: Addicting. Has an excellent balance between idle clicker and strategy. It's really as simple and as time consuming as you want it to be, while making it easy to avoid annoying ads and have minimal pay options that are most definitely optional. I dont say this often with phone games, but I love it!

A Google user: Thanks for the update fixing upgrade issues! This game is fantastic, there's never a shortage of things to do. You're not constantly watching ads like so many other idle games. There are challenges & events to mix things up if you need a break from normal adventure mode, too.

A Google user: When I came to the app store looking for a game that lets me tap to attack and also lets heroes progress on their own, no other game met my picky standards. The characters are oddly charming and the game itself is easy to understand. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting a game with lots of replayability and simple mechanics that allow for more strategy than you would think it'd involve!

A Google user: The game LITERALLY plays itself. I have never rated a game 5 stars across the board. Fun voiceovers for the characters. Easy to play. Gives you the ability to "restart", but every time you do, you gain more and more advantages to progress further and more quickly. Seriously one of the most well-balanced and entertaining games out there. I can't stop playing. And at NO point have I felt the need to spend money just to advance. Pick this one. seriously.

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