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Alien Food Invasion MOD APK v1.2.9 (Unlimited Money)

Alien Food Invasion
NameAlien Food Invasion
DevelopersFun Flavor Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
Alien Food InvasionAlien Food InvasionAlien Food InvasionAlien Food InvasionAlien Food InvasionAlien Food InvasionAlien Food InvasionAlien Food Invasion

Alien Food Invasion - Defeat the most delicious alien invasion ever!

What's new in latest version 1.2.9

- AI improvement: unselected party members fight more active
- Bugfixes and optimizations

About Alien Food Invasion MOD

Alien Food Invasion will show you the intense confrontation between players and aliens. Use all skills, strength to fight all those challenges. Learn and create more valuable dishes for customers. The player needs to collect all the money obtained in the game.

Alien Food Invasion takes you on an exciting adventure where you must stop the terrifying aliens. This is a unique action game; the player will have to control his character to do all the fighting with the aliens. The aliens are going on an adventure to earth to destroy humanity. Let’s make it a failed adventure and make them surrender before all of us.


The sky was filled with huge flying saucers, and everyone in the surrounding area was perplexed as to what those flying saucers were. Alien flying saucers were responsible for the strange shapes on the walls of the building. Aliens have expressed an interest in invading the earth and making mankind their slaves. The reason for this war’s failure is that we cannot stand by and see the earth being destroyed.


The game will provide us with practical weapons to destroy the aliens, and players will use all those weapons to fight vigorously. Coordinate with your teammates and relatives to find out the core points and weaknesses of the aliens. Every time we destroy an alien, the amount of money we receive will be considerable. It seems to continue to motivate us to destroy them all and push them to a passive position.


In the game, you have both the task of fighting with the aliens and also making delicious food. These dishes will be an essential factor for you to make money from hungry customers. More interestingly, you will discover many new dishes to contribute to making the menu richer.

Collect more great weapons in the game to supplement us with a large arsenal. Players need to reach the amount of money that the game sets before continuing to the next round. Perform weapons and power-up upgrades to create the initiative for the battle.


  • Uncover the secrets of the aliens and destroy all their sources.
  • Perform mysterious weapon upgrades to be able to destroy all the aliens.
  • Perform battles and destroy a large number of aliens to get valuable rewards.
  • Create delicious dishes to gain practical profits from the outside.
  • Use all the necessary features on the game side to contribute to making the game come to life.

Reviews from google users

Boiboi Oi: Love this game cuz its making me have fun and also yummy alien to eat in different recipe.thank you love this game....

Yvette Latina: Nice graphics, just not my type of adventure game.

Allen Naorem: A really fun and quirky tps. Needs an option for Fixed D-pad though.

Joey Addo: The game is really great. I love the recipe feature where you can get money from ingredients

Sujal Savani: overall game is good. but need some improvement in guns. like price

Leandra Bliss: So fun, crystals are slow but you can have fun playing at the games speed

Kenneth Hoang: Another amazing game. Fun, f2p, and no forced ads like hero park.

Mister Xtreme: This game is bizarrely fun and great to play I am really enjoying it so far, I recommend for people who like weird and fun games likes this.

ahmad adib: Not bad. Just not my taste. But this game is sure is a nice one. Maybe I'll give it a few more go before deciding whether to delete it or not. This game is pretty simple.

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