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Add Music To Video & Editor MOD APK v5.0 (Pro Unlocked)

Add Music To Video & Editor
NameAdd Music To Video & Editor
DevelopersKite Games Studio Ltd
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
Updated on March 25, 2023
Add Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & Editor

Add Music To Video & Editor - Add music to video easily, music video maker to add audio to video.

What's new in latest version 5.0

User Interface improved
Minor bug mixed.

About Add Music To Video & Editor MOD

Add music to video is a versatile tool that helps users add audio to video quickly and conveniently with just a few simple steps. It also integrates sound quality or volume editing systems, including adding funny effects to create countless unique variations. Some additional functions or potentials like video editing and audio quality refinement will also help users.


The overview interface of the application is sophisticated and professional for users to have the most comfortable and flexible working feeling. It encapsulates every feature or tool into various categories or tabs and comes with a wide range of customization to please any user.


The music library constantly adds new content every day, and everything is free for users to add to their videos freely. Of course, a versatile search engine or filter will make finding music faster instead of browsing aimlessly.


The application’s music editing system is modern and straightforward, with many advanced features for users to quickly edit any song. It will change the quality or style of the song significantly in preparation for the inclusion of videos with varied tempos.


Voice overs are great additions if users want to emphasize something in a video in more dramatic ways. Voice input is also simple, and the recording quality is automatically adjusted thanks to the AI ​​specializing in input sound and more.


Sound effects will help users create a novel variation for each song or audio clip available. Their magic is endless and promises users many ideas or potential to handle sound quality in any video and more.


The application’s audio editing capabilities are completely beyond common sense and confidently provide users with all the best functions. With such a large amount of exceptional and dedicated support, they can comfortably create high-quality videos from visual to sound.

Add music to video, although it only focuses on editing audio, the potential and results in it brings to users are full of surprises. Best of all, users feel professional even if they are not professional audio editors.

Reviews from google users

Navino Williams: to slow and you can not add a next clip

Ellen: Great app but there's only one problem; i put the audio 2 seconds more than the video lasts, and still there's no sound at the last 3 seconds. I even put 18 seconds of the audio for the video that's 12 seconds but it's silent 3 seconds before the video ends. Fix it please, cause the app is really great.

K P BRADY: Is it possible to apply video slow motion whilst keeping music at normal speed. Thanks for your reply. Does not work. Tried slow motion and then applying music. Audio also applying slow motion to video...

Raphael Venter: This app is a piece of garbage. First of all, it doesn't let me add my own downloaded songs to the video, second of all, every time I try to cut a song to make it shorter by clicking "Cut Audio" option, I go cut the song, I click "Save", and IT DOESN'T EVEN SAVE!!!! Worst app ON EARTH!!!

st cr: its pretry decent. I wish the file browser to add your own music was better though as it just shows a huge list of files from your phone rather than me being able to navigate to the correct folder where my music is stored. Also can we have a Low fi music section? other than that its a great app!

Adi Gavrilescu: Its trash, a lot of ads , you have to pay for 720p or 1080p, you have only 480p , music is very limited, it works slow and it doesn't even synchronize at the same frames the music to the clip, I tried 3 times to make a lyric mouth music video, and everytime it saves the video with 1 or 2 seconds delay, pure trash, don't install this please, its a waste of time and you get angry for no reason

Hailee Woodgeard: Not a bad app I just wish you could pick the songs you want to use or look up the songs you want instead of having to use the ones that's already on there bc I'm trying to make a video for my friend and she wants this song she really likes so that would help a lot if somehow you can pick the songs you want for it.

Abhishek Srivastava: It's a good app to use. If u are going for pro version, go for it. Initially after upgrading to pro, you may face issues and features of pro may not be visible. But after few days, you will get all the joys of pro version. I suggest go for one time payment for lifetime, it will be economically profitable if u go for long run. App is user friendly (for me atleast) and can play with the app as much as u like.

Amanda K: Weird new issue! I paid for a month to try this out Ive successfully used this before to put music on a video. Now if I'm saving a video it flips the video upsidown. Theres no way to fix this on my end and no settings I can find that would cause this to flip the video. I've saved it 3 different times and it's still flipping it.

Ohxyoyxoyxohx: The app as a lot of potential but when I'm trying to edit it doesn't let me press the button s to edit it in the first place. You also don't really have much control over it which is essential with an editing app, But other than a this it's pretty good!

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